Eyelid rejuvenation Eyelid rejuvenation

The aesthetics of the look is based on the harmony between the forehead, the eyebrows and the eyelids. Over time, there are:

a decrease in the height of the eyebrow which moves downwards which closes the gaze.
sagging skin that weighs down and hides the eyelid
hyperlaxity of the ligaments which makes the fat around the eye visible and forms puffiness
The first treatment is preventive to reduce tissue oxidative stress: UV protection, smoking cessation, skin hydration, diet rich in vitamin A, B6 and B12.

In a second step, we aim to restore the balance of the gaze while keeping the natural anatomy of the face. For this the rejuvenation of the look combines several techniques:

  • Treatment of volume loss by injection of hyaluronic acid or lipofilling by MicroFat
  • Treatment of sagging skin with regenerative medicine: NanoFat and PRP, peeling or laser
  • Treatment of wrinkles by injection of botulinum toxin
  • Treatment of excess skin or puffiness through blepharoplasty, brow lift, or midfacial lift surgery.

I have wrinkles

Wrinkles are formed by the repeated action of facial expression muscles that wrinkle the skin until a wrinkle appears.

The botulinum toxin commonly called “botox” (Bocouture©, Azzalure©, Vistabel©…) treats wrinkles by reducing the action of the muscle responsible for it. The toxin does not fill wrinkles like filler injections but relaxes the treated areas for a "more relaxed" appearance.

To rejuvenate the look, three areas can be treated: crow's feet wrinkles, frown lines and forehead wrinkles. It is also possible to raise the tail of the eyebrow if it is drawn down.

The injection of the toxin is done directly into the muscle. The muscle relaxes which makes the wrinkles disappear. The expression of the look and the face is not modified.

I have droopy eyelids

The upper eyelids can droop for two reasons:

excess eyelid skin that hides the movable eyelid: called dermatochalasis
the downward fall of the eyebrow which weighs down the eyelids and closes the gaze
It will therefore be necessary to treat the eyebrow by raising it with injections or surgery and treat the eyelids with upper blepharoplasty surgery

I have bags under my eyes

The fat around the eye is held behind the eyelids by tissue called the orbital septum. Over time this septum relaxes making the fat visible through the skin and creating "pockets".

The treatment is always surgical in order to reduce the visible pockets: this intervention is called a lower blepharoplasty. To harmonize the look, this surgery can be combined with a lipostructure to resculpt the cheekbones and restore their volume.

I have dark circles

There are several types of dark circles:

The hollow eyecircle
In young patients it is linked to a great tone of the orbicularis. It is often constitutional and familial. The hollow ring is treated by injecting a volumizing product: hyaluronic acid or lipofilling by MicroFat

Blue purple and red ring:
The red color of the ring is caused by the dilation of micro capillaries located in the inner corner of the ring. The dilation of these vessels can be linked to heredity, age or even extreme climatic conditions. The solution to make red circles disappear is a vascular laser. It causes vasoconstriction of the vessels making them less visible. The result lasts for several years.

Brown or dark circles:
The brown coloring of the ring is caused by deep pigment spots. It is linked to heredity and ethnic origins (Maghreb, India and Mediterranean basin).

The treatment of dark circles is difficult but progress in regenerative medicine has made it possible to develop an effective treatment: the injection of NanoFat. It can be associated with a depigmenting product.

Several sessions are necessary to reduce the coloring of the ring but the result is visible in the long term.